About Us

Randy and Deb Vining took their love of creating handmade furniture from a hobby to a family business in 1995.  Randy, a third generation woodworker, brings expertise and years of experience to the business.  The quality and craftsmanship of Vining’s Custom Cabinets soon began to be a common conversation throughout the area and requests for the Vining’s to create custom made kitchens and other unique pieces of furniture began to increase in volume.  Randy and Deb were joined by their children, Seth and Kate, who individually brought their own special woodworking skills and enthusiasm to the family business.  Heralding in a new era of fine craftsmanship, their vision is to create beautiful custom furniture pieces that people from New England and across the country can utilize and enjoy.

While at a family reunion in August 2001, their entire workshop burned to the ground.  Everything was lost.  They triumphed over the tragedy by rebuilding their shop. This led them to use the “phoenix” symbol to represent their business, symbolizing the rebirth and new beginning of their business.

Vining's Custom Cabinets
and Fine Furniture

80 Temple Road
Weld, ME  04285

(207) 585-2142
FAX (207) 585-2223
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