Whether you are in search for an elegant kitchen design or a rustic look, Vining’s Custom Cabinets and Fine Furniture can take any idea or concept you have and make it come to life.  You can be assured that everything that is built by the Vining’s is handmade and custom built from first grade lumber.  Nothing is ordered from a mass manufacturer.  We are proud to support local Maine businesses and foresters across the United States when purchasing our material.  Rough boards are delivered to the Vining’s workshop to be planed out and begin the design process of each piece that is created for our customers.

Although our specialty is creating custom cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms, we also create everything from beautiful bureaus, perfect poker tables, end tables, rocking chairs, caskets and gun cabinets to larger projects such as constructing an entire cottage on a lake.  No two pieces of furniture are exactly the same.  Each piece of furniture is hand made and each species of wood is hand picked and designed based on your ideas and thoughts that you have shared with us during the planning stage.  We have also taken our fine woodworking expertise to larger projects such as constructing a cozy cottage on a lake, a dream home, and garages of all shapes and sizes.

Installation of your selected piece of cabinetry or furniture into your home is done with extreme care and attention to detail.  We take pride in knowing that our finished product is always done with the highest quality of craftsmanship.  We welcome you to preview our photo gallery in hopes that Vining’s Custom Cabinets and Fine Furniture can help you take that idea or concept that you have always been dreaming about and make it a reality for you.

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